this is the miracle project

This Is The Miracle Project

Hey Huntsville,

This project is for you. Having been born and raised here, and now raising my children here, I have a deep love for our city. Out of that love, God stirred up The Miracle Project. This project will serve several purposes, all of which I will be covering soon. But it’s most important for you to know this:

If you follow along with this project you will:
•hear stories of miracles happening right here in your city
•be a part of a community that believes in miracles, and prays for them
•see God glorified

This backdrop is a picture of our beautiful city from our brand new Cecil Ashburn overlook. Rob and I love overlooks…we’re always looking for them, everywhere we go. This one is particularly special because I can look across our city and “pin” just about every single visible location. Recently, God’s been encouraging me to “look deeper”. I know the landmarks visible in this overlook, but what do I know about what’s happening within each landmark? What’s happening in the neighborhoods off of Bailey Cove? What is God doing in Lincoln Village? How is God moving downtown? What is God teaching the ____ family?

In a world of SO much international information at our fingertips, why not use those tools to dig deeper into what’s in our own backyard? We were created for community…and I pray this approach to community can do something really special in our city.

My hope is that God breathes authenticity here. There’s an invitation for my fellow Christian brothers and sisters who have zero doubts. There’s also an invitation here for skeptics, curious to see what’s happening. Young, old, newly saved, not yet saved, been saved for 60 years, Huntsville native, new to Huntsville, downtown resident, living somewhere else but curious, upper class, lower class, politically involved, politically ignorant (🙋🏻‍♀️), every race, every religion, every (you fill in the blank)…if you are willing to open your hearts to consider the amazing, unequivocal, life-changing miracles that are happening all around you, then you are welcome here!!

“As it is, there are many parts, but one body.” 1 Corinthians 12:20

Lindsay Murphy

Lindsay Murphy

An Alabama girl trying to walk out the purpose God has laid before me by sharing His stories... all while chasing two babies with the love of my life.

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